MCF Facility Use

HERE is the Facility Use Request Form


The following are our policies regarding the use of our facilities:


  1. Facility Use Policy:  Mt. Carmel Friends Church, Cable, OH
  2. PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for use of the facilities of Mt. Carmel Friends Church. Our intent is to provide access to our facilities for activities that glorify the Lord and serve His Kingdom.
  3. All activities at Mt. Carmel Friends Church will be consistent with our beliefs, outlined in the Faith & Practice of the Evangelical Friends Church—Eastern Region, which can be found at
    1. The following is an excerpt from the Faith & Practice, outlining our beliefs about church facilities and their use:
      1. “Use of Church Buildings and Facilities

Because church buildings and facilities have been dedicated to the service of God, and especially as places for His worship, Evangelical Friends believe that they should be treated with care and respect. At times parts of these buildings and facilities may be used as meeting places for fellowship, but even at these times the buildings and facilities should be remembered as dedicated to the service of God. The primary purpose of the buildings and facilities should always be the worship of God, instruction in the Christian faith, development of Christian fellowship, and Christian service to the community. We encourage Evangelical Friends to construct and maintain their worship buildings and facilities with prayerful consideration of their function, remembering the moderation and simplicity which is becoming to the testimony of Evangelical Friends and to the Church of Jesus Christ (Isaiah 56:1-8; Mark 11:17a; I Corinthians 3:10-11).”

  1. There is to be no use or consumption of any form of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or illicit drugs on the premises of Mt. Carmel Friends Church at any time.
  2. The use of profane language, profane music, or other behavior contrary to any of our beliefs is not allowed on church premises.
    1. The “Testimonies” section, in particular, in the Faith & Practice, will help to clarify these beliefs.
  1. Any use of the facilities outside of normal services and ministries must be approved by the Senior Pastor and/or the Elder Board of Mt. Carmel Friends Church, at their discretion.
    1. The facilities of Mt. Carmel Friends Church are not for hire or rent, as they are intended for the use of its Members.
    2. All functions held at the facility must be sponsored by a Member of Mt. Carmel Friends Church.
      1. A Member of the church must be willing to take responsibility for the function, its adherence to EFC-ER’s Faith & Practice, and proper use of the facility—including any damages.
      2. This Member must attend the function as representative of the Congregation.
  2. Any party (with the Member-Sponsor taking responsibility) using the facilities for anything other than normal church services (worship, Sunday School, etc.) or ministries, will also be responsible for the following:
    1. Placing all equipment—i.e. tables, chairs, audio/visual equipment, etc.—back in the condition and position in which it was found.
    2. Cleaning the facility used, returning it to the condition in which it was found. The church does not employ a janitor.
    3. Reporting any and all damages to the facility or church equipment immediately to the Senior Pastor or other member of the Elder Board. The party using the facility is responsible for compensating the church for any damages.
    4. Allowing, at any time, the Senior Pastor or other members of the Elder Board to attend and/or oversee the function.
    5. Completing and submitting the Facility Use Request form (form 3000) at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled function, with funerals excepted from scheduling restrictions.
  3. If the church’s audio-visual equipment is to be used, only a person approved by the Senior Pastor and/or Elder Board may operate them. An honorarium should be paid directly to that person of a reasonable amount to compensate for their time.
    1. Similarly, if any other services are rendered by a Member/attender/pastor of the Church (including, but not limited to, officiating a marriage ceremony or playing an instrument), a reasonable honorarium should be paid directly to the one providing the service.
  4. This policy applies to all uses of church facilities outside their normal use for church ministries—including weddings, funerals, graduation parties, family reunions, etc.—requested by church Members, church attendees or anyone else with a Sponsor on the church membership list.
  5. NOTE: The church will accept donations to compensate for the use of its facilities. However, there are no set recommendations for such donations.
  6. This policy supersedes and replaces any previous policy on MCF facility use, implicit or explicit.